Business intelligence (BI) is a comprehensive set of applications, technologies and knowledge for accumulating and analyzing data for helping businesses to make better decisions. 

The primary challenge of BI is to gather and serve organized information related to all relevant factors that drive business and enable end-users to access that knowledge easily, efficiently and effectively. It produces analysis and provides in depth knowledge about performance indicators such as company's customers, competitors, business counterparts, economic environment and internal operations to help making quality business decisions.

The Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) is very often referred as Data Integration process and ETL tool as a Data Integration platform. The key goal of maintaining an ETL process in an organization is to migrate and transform data from the source OLTP systems to feed a data warehouse and form data marts.


SOAIS Services:

SOAIS helps businesses design and build a data warehouse pulling data from different sources using ETL Tools. SOAIS with its BI expertise, experience, and innovative best practices, brings quick and maximum ROI at minimum risk for customer’s talents.

SOAIS’ approach begins with the assessment which gauges overall project readiness, and then plans and defines an appropriate strategy to help the customer align its BI requirements and identifies opportunities for improvement.

SOAIS follows industry best practices, use proven methodologies, and completes implementations on time and on budget.


Our services include:

  • Thorough Analysis of BI requirements
  • Design and implementation of integration with different data sources
  • Implementation and support of data transformation logic using ETL tools like InfoSphere Datastage
  • Rapid design, configuration and deployment
  • Synchronize with source systems
  • Costs defined upfront so you can measure ROI
  • Long-term application optimization
  • Recommendations that cover technical implementation, installation and provisioning roadmap
  • Improved process efficiency, simplified and reduced cost of ownership



  • Fast deploymentas the methodology is rapid, adaptive and business focused.
  • Solution can be customized as it is an on-demand, highly-scalable, secure, and reliable platform
  • No Manual Intervention



  • SOAIS Consultants are multi-skilled, having a deep understanding of both OLTP and data warehouse systems. This knowledge results in cost reduction and better deployment of the BI solution
  • Offers a powerful blend of fresh thinking and leadership to deliver top talent management solutions and drive growth.
  • Customer will get end to end services