Worksoft Certify®

for SAP® Classroom Training

New to the Worksoft Certify® product? Need a refresher course in automated business process validation? Then this in-person training is for you!

Worksoft Certify is the industry’s top ranked software for SAP® test automation. Our training goals are for you to get the most out of Worksoft Certify test automation for SAP, both GUI and Portal. Accelerate projects, increase quality, eliminate manual effort, and lower costs.

The small classroom approach is designed to provide a highly interactive training experience, which we believe is optimal when learning a new product.

Click Here to download the agenda for five day training.

  • The ins and outs of the Worksoft Certify architecture and user interface
  • How to define, develop and execute process automation in SAP GUI
  • How variables, layouts, and record sets are used in data-driven testing
  • How to get the most from various features of Worksoft Certify

Location : Bangalore

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