Manual or Automated
  • Validation of application against various inputs including positive & negative tests.
  • SOAIS experienced team is well equipped to understand the functionality & validate the application
  • SOAIS can complement your team or validate independently to deliver a great product.
  • Outsourcing test function can reduce costs significantly compared to in-house team.
  • More companies are adapting agile methodologies in development of applications.
  • Software is deployed to production on weekly/fortnightly basis.
  • QA is a time & effort-intensive, repetitive activity is prone to human error and can prove fatal
  • Outsourcing test function can reduce costs significantly compared to in-house team.
  • SOAIS team guarantees product delivery on tight schedules with high quality product releases.
  • Component/Unit testing are important stages in product development cycle, as it deducts defects at a very early stage.
  • It is Verification of functionality of a specific module where enhancements are being done.
  • We work with development team adhering to your methodology & strategy to test the application.
  • In most scenarios, end users are not trained to use the product.
  • Product needs to be user friendly & respond quickly, for it to be successful.
  • Product needs to be analyzed based on Human Computer Interaction (HCI) principles.
  • Our team has expertise in evaluating your product and ensure success.
  • Compatibility testing is done check behavior of your product on various hardware, Operating systems, browser & environment.
  • The visual experience of the application has to remain same irrespective of the environment.
  • SOAIS team having expertise on validating your application and ensure smooth flow.