The last decade brought in significant changes to the Energy & Utilities industry. These changes are driven primarily by (1) demand and corresponding price increases for energy, (2) the need for innovation to identify additional supply sources that are economically viable, (3) customers’ need to be empowered with information to better manage their energy usage and reduce costs, (4) the need for operational efficiencies and scale through Mergers and Acquisitions.

At SOAIS, we have experience in working with utilities companies from both their back office applications and customer management areas. Our experience is related to merging various independent SAP applications and the automation of business process validation so that our customers can gain following benefits:

  • Integrating new companies into parent company SAP system
  • Validating CRM process to provide uninterrupted 24/7 customer support
  • Validating FICO process to manage customer billing activities.
  • Validating business process integrations between customer focused applications such as online and SAP application.
  • Mitigating technology risk.
  • Accelerating release cycles.

At SOAIS, we are empowered by our Energy and Utilities process expertise in HCM, FICO and CRM applications using SAP and PeopleSoft ERP applications.