Yesterday’s big ERP software applications such as PeopleSoft, SAP and Oracle are now legacy applications. HR and FINANCE ERP applications are especially being disrupted by the evolution of SaaS providers such as Workday, NetSuite, Success Factors, and Fusion.

Companies that are considering new cloud technologies in today’s business environment often have to wrestle with the following questions:

  • What is the best approach to transform our business from on-premise applications to cloud based applications?
  • Is there a way to evaluate the business value, feasibility, and interoperability of new systems with our existing infrastructure?
  • How can we move away from managing our IT infrastructure onsite?
  • How do we reduce our total cost of ownership?

SOAIS provides an Application Technology Roadmap service to address and answer the concerns of our customers. Our Service offers the following benefits:


  • Assess whether current technology map meets organizational goals
  • Assess the impact of new technologies on other internal and external systems
  • Assess whether the business and organization is ready to adopt these technologies

As part of Roadmap service, we provide the following services:

Our Services

  • Review existing technology footprint
  • Review and understand future business goals
  • Assess whether current technology fits needs
  • Evaluate whether new technologies/products fit into the overall technology
  • Build a roadmap on how and what to implement to meet business goals