SOAIS has adapted a flavor of Oracle’s Unified methodology for its customer implementation projects specifically written to assist our consultants in their continuous effort to provide world-class, value-added service to its global clients. The methodology is a combination of best practices, proven methods, and forward thinking by some of the most experienced and brightest minds in the industry. The methodology combines the best of features of both on premise implementations and cloud based solutions. It is a guidebook, similar to a roadmap, which will allow our clients to tailor the methodology content to their business requirements. The methodology is sequential in nature, but flexible as well, and overlaps may exist based specific client requirements and/or project timeframes.

The key features of our Methodology include: Leveraging proven methods and experience to provide excellent client service. Increasing project efficiencies by integrating accelerators and selected tools into each phase of the methodology. Streamlining implementation paths, via route maps, in order to meet client’s business requirements. Providing accurate and consistent advice to our clients by using a single firm wide content source. Continuous methodology revisions to ensure timely dissemination of information to our clients. At the core of the Implementation are Conversion, Integration & Configuration which SOAIS focuses and ensures all these processes are tightly controlled and tested. The following is a representation of the same.

Fusion Upgrades

Here’s how SOAIS can help customers when there is need to upgrade to the newest Cloud software version. Being on the latest and greatest functionality enables customers to get best return on investment in their Cloud HCM journey.