21st century manufacturing is competing at a global level for both customers and resources. Companies need to execute seamlessly across various geographies and work on razor thin margins. To execute at the topmost levels, it is critical that manufacturing industry players leverage technology to reach their customers and suppliers, and manage employees so that they can design and deliver products or services. The latest technologies are imperative to run, optimize and improve back office operations such as HR and Finance functions for productivity gains and cost reductions.

We at SOAIS have helped various Manufacturing industries with major employee unions, including both hourly and salaried employees. We understand that current HCM systems such as PeopleSoft need to be configured and tailored for union employees, admin employees and management staff to meet various regulatory requirements. In global settings with disparate systems and localized processes, SOAIS resources have developed an approach that balances both localized needs and global/corporate level controls, so that information can be accessed centrally, but managed locally.

We help our Manufacturing customers especially in following:

  • Implementation and upgrade of HR, Finance, and CRM systems using PeopleSoft and SAP applications.
  • Executing global rollouts of HCM applications across 5 continents.
  • Providing Reports as a Service to meet local and Global reporting needs from a centralized Reporting team.
  • Delivering Integration using both traditional and latest web services to enable flow of information between suppliers, employees, and vendors.