Leading organizations need to upgrade to stay current with the latest technologies and remain relevant in today’s cutthroat business environment. For some customers, retaining their existing functionalities, customizations, and processes are critical to managing their HR, FINANCE and Supply Chain Functions. SOAIS has designed a solution to meet these needs.

SOAIS’ As-Is Accelerated Upgrade helps customers retain their current functionalities and domain-specific redesigns or customizations. As part of the accelerated upgrade, all existing functionalities get upgraded to the newer version. SOAIS leverages our Global Delivery Model to deliver significant cost savings to our customers.

Our PeopleSoft As-Is Accelerated Upgrade solution covers following applications:

  • Human Capital Management
  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain Management
Scope Advantages
As-Is Upgrade from “9.X” to 9.2 Workshops focused towards existing functionality
Compare workshops between 9.X and 9.2 for existing features / processes / Functions Faster timeline to upgrade with all existing functionality
Review of new features / functions Leverage Internal resources to bring down cost of the upgrade
Fit-Gap analysis of existing functionality Save 40% of the cost compared to Full Upgrade
Keep-Drop decisions Reduce risks and costs by applying proven, innovative, and repeatable solutions.
Retrofitting / redesign Efficiently enhance and extend standard PeopleSoft application technologies.
Update documentation Remain current on support with Oracle and be compliant with your internal IT processes.
Conduct EUT training / knowledge transfer  
System testing / UAT / parallel testing support  
Comprehensive end user training and documentation  
90 day Post Go Live Support