Throughout the year, Oracle releases multiple bundles and tax updates to provide regulatory and statutory changes along fixes to address various application defects/bugs. Enterprises need to apply these bundles / Tax updates to stay current with latest changes and also to be in compliant.

The process of applying these changes to time-consuming and at times required lot of effort. The involvement of business users is key in understanding the changes to functions, processes, regulations and compliance matters. In many situations, it is difficult for business users to manage their day to day work and look into systems related changes. This results in delayed application of patches or tax updates.

SOAIS offers a cost effective solutions to address the challenges with Application of bundles and Tax updates. Our offering will include following deliverables / activities:

  • Impact Analysis Documents
  • Retrofitted Instances with new Tax Updates or Bundles
  • Applications on Bundles and Tax Updates
  • Develop Test Scenarios and Test Data
  • Conduct unit testing, system and Integration Testing

In addition, SOAIS team proposes flexible operating model to meet specific customer needs.


  • Since this work is periodical (3-6 weeks every quarter), you can leverage SOAIS' flexibility to deal with resource peaks and troughs.
  • Your payroll team can concentrate on handling payroll issues rather than deal with getting new tax updates into the system every quarter.
  • SOAIS team can provide end to end testing along with Test automation scripts to increase productivity and reduce release cycles.