SOAIS provides PeopleSoft Shared Services that allow organizations to significantly reduce PeopleSoft application development and maintenance costs while enhancing quality delivery and process management.

Our PeopleSoft Shared Services effectively blend the strength of our globally established PeopleSoft expertise, our highly experienced resource pool, and our vast Application Support and Maintenance capabilities to radically increase flexibility, productivity and savings.

Why SOAIS PeopleSoft Shared Services:

  • Hiring dedicated in-house staff is expensive
  • Flexibility to engage a broad range of skill sets depending on need
  • Ability to manage peaks and troughs of resource demand
  • Mitigate the inability of internal resources to focus on core business needs
  • Gain access to niche talent and skills
  • Tighten control on support budgets by having clear visibility on spends

How SOAIS Shared Services Works:

SOAIS’ PeopleSoft Shared Services give our clients access to a variety of functional, technical, administrative, and project management skills including tech stack support, application support, process monitoring, customizations support, integration, reports, and more. Each client receives a customized PeopleSoft Shared Services engagement plan to match their specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements and skills requirements. Our SOAIS PeopleSoft Shared Services are provided remotely via phone, email or support portal from a shared pool of resources to drive down the total cost of PeopleSoft support.

Scope of Shared Services Coverage:

  • Technical, Functional, Administrative and Project Management Support
  • Application Support (all modules)
  • Functional Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Minor functionality changes to existing functionality
  • Apply Product Bundle Updates
  • Administrative for both production and non-production environments
  • Technical and Functional support for debugging, customizations, reports and other objects
  • Ad-Hoc development and programming (SQR, XML, Java, SQL, PS Queries, XML, .Net, App Messaging, PeopleTools and more)
  • Preventative maintenance activities
  • Regulatory tax updates
  • Provide possible solutions / work arounds to product issues reported
  • Database coverage includes: Oracle, SQL, DB2 and Sequel Server