Enterprises are looking for flexible engagement models to execute a PeopleSoft upgrade that can leverage their in-house team, where certain skills and phases of the upgrade will be outsourced to third party vendors. This approach allows customers to reduce costs while keeping the knowledge in-house and getting the expertise only for the needed areas.

SOAIS Upgrade Lab offers flexible services to meet the dynamic needs of our customers. The team is composed of Technical and Upgrade specialists with repetitive processes and tools that can rapidly deliver the technical portion of the upgrade at a reduced cost. SOAIS Upgrade Lab helps customers upgrade PeopleSoft Technology Stack and databases and retrofit, redesign and drop customizations.

Scope Advantages
Upgrade database if necessary A blended approach to upgrade, which allows customer to leverage internal resources to bring down costs
Upgrade tools Customer resources can focus on value added activities / business user focused activities, whereas SOAIS Team will focus on technology upgrade activities
Upgrade application – no data conversion No need to invest in rarely required upgrade specialist skills
Modify and update migration scripts – initial upgrade pass Faster timeline to upgrade with all existing functionality
Retrofitting / redesign Continuous support during the entire upgrade
Update documentation  
Conduct knowledge transfer of move to production process  
MTP / System Testing / UAT / Parallel Testing Support  
90 day Post Go Live Support