Oracle releases PeopleTools updates more frequently than standard applications releases. These tools releases include additional features which provide significant benefits to business. Many Enterprise users of PeopleSoft want to leverage the new features and technologies in the new version of PeopleTools without committing to a full upgrade. At some companies, while considering a standalone Tools upgrade, companies will consider following questions:

  • Is it possible to take advantage of new functionalities without doing a full upgrade?
  • How can we perform the upgrade when our staff is all tied up with their current tasks?
  • Is it possible to outsource the project and ensure quality work while reducing costs and minimizing risks?


Our PeopleSoft Tools Upgrade service gives you a cost effective way to leverage technology features of the new PeopleTools version while retaining current application versions, states, and business processes.

Our Services

We can assist you in upgrading PeopleTools to the latest version either from onsite or remote locations. This flexibility allows you to leverage newer tools features without doing a full application upgrade. With PeopleTools 8.53, for example, you can leverage work centres, pivot grids and enable enterprise applications for mobile users.