ERP applications such as PeopleSoft and SAP require significant changes to be migrated on an ongoing basis. These applications impact a large number of end-users and stakeholders, so testing and quality assurance are critical. While migrating these changes to the production environment, a thorough verification and validation of existing business processes needs to be performed. Given the size and nature of business processes, this requires significant effort and skill.

SOAIS offers ERP Testing and Validation services through our Testing Center of Excellence. Our Testing Center of Excellence has a team of experts who are experienced in Industry business processes across various ERP applications. Our consultants have years of testing experience across various testing modalities including manual, regression, performance, usability, and acceptance testing. SOAIS leverages its deep industry and process knowledge to independently test, validate, and verify your ERP implementations, upgrades, or ongoing changes to these applications.

Customers can gain tangible benefits from our ERP Testing and Validation services.

Our Services

  • Test scenario development
  • Identify business processes for validation
  • Develop test scenarios and scripts
  • Identify opportunities for test automation
  • Develop test automation scripts
  • Test data generation
  • Execution of test scripts
  • Reporting bugs/issues to development team