PeopleSoft releases new version of ERP applications once every few years. Each new version comes with hundreds of new features, process improvements and technology changes. Before considering a PeopleSoft upgrade to the next version, businesses need to review the new release to understand the benefits, impacts, costs, and timelines to execute an upgrade project.

Businesses that are in the process of considering a PeopleSoft upgrade need to understand and articulate the business value from the PeopleSoft upgrade. Typically, they may not have the right resources to evaluate and define end goals and come up with a business case that includes value proposition, project plan, costs, benefits, and timelines.

SOAIS’ Upgrade Roadmap service will assess your current PeopleSoft environment, review business processes and challenges, and identify opportunities for improvement. In addition, our Upgrade Roadmap service provides the following benefits:


  • Clearly understand business value before the project starts
  • Get a detailed look through the application for business users and assess benefits
  • Get a detailed business case/costs for budget approval
  • Proactively start upgrade activities
  • Save time and cost by engaging in pre-upgrade activities

As part of Roadmap service, we provide the following services:

Our Services

  • Conduct workshops to understand customer’s current PeopleSoft environment, business functions, and challenges
  • Conduct walkthrough of 9.2 applications
  • Provide customization profile report
  • Provide detailed business value/benefits of upgrading to 9.2
  • Develop high-level project plan/resources plan for the update
  • Provide cost and effort estimate
  • Provide pre-upgrade activities