The Industrial Revolution of the 40’s, the Technology Revolution of 90’s, and the Internet Revolution of 2000 changed the way People, Businesses, and Governments across the globe Communicate, Collaborate and Compete. Each of these phases brought in opportunities and challenges to businesses. There are many businesses that capitalized on these trends but many failed to do so.

Today’s latest technologies – including Cloud, Mobile, and Social Media - are bringing disruptive changes to businesses. Decision makers, employees, partners, and suppliers can now communicate, collaborate, and compete in real time using up-to-date information.

At SOAIS, we understand these changes and accept them as the new NORMAL for the future. We have built a team of people with expertise in technologies and empowered with industry, business and process experience. We promote a culture of change, innovation, and sharing through our Center of Excellence. We leverage our strategic and tactical strengths to our customers’ advantage, so that our customers can achieve their desired business objectives.

Strategic Advantages:

Technology Innovation:

Our employees are Experts at Technologies and always look for ways to innovate, and apply these technologies to improve operational Efficiencies.

Industry Business Process Expertise:

Our experts are knowledgeable in Industry processes, best practices and always look for opportunities to improve business functions and processes using latest technologies.

Passion for Customer Service:

We promote a culture of “Putting Customers First”. We carefully Identify, hire, train and retain talent who are passionate about putting customer’s interests ahead of ours.

Tactical Advantages:

  • Deep understanding of various domains and industries acquired through long-term value-added engagements with our customers 
  • Expert and experienced resources with proven technical and functional abilities
  • Direct Leadership Access – big enough to deliver, yet small enough for direct access to executive leadership
  • Flexible and best-in-class operating/delivery models
  • The ability to understand and adapt to market demands
  • Accountability and flexibility to lead towards delivery excellence