SOAIS shared service model called ‘Pooled Power’ for Taleo application support and maintenance, presents a unique service delivery model for bringing 20 – 30% cost savings to the customers.

Our Pooled Power model combines the strength of our globally recognized Taleo expertise and highly experienced resource pool. It not only helps our clients to significantly increase flexibility, productivity and savings in their business process, but also brings in additional benefits of sharing of knowledge across industries at no additional costs, bringing out the most optimal solution for your Taleo support needs.

Customer Benefits:

  • Access to a variety of functional, technical, administrative, and project management skills
  • Significant saving in Total Cost of Ownership
  • Rapidly meet tight deadlines
  • Reduce skill retention challenges

The Pooled Power offering includes:

  • Remote support for all Taleo modules
  • Project Management Services
  • Integration Consulting
  • Data migration services
  • Scripts Upgrade
  • OBI reporting