Companies that have to balance their testing requirements against their need to rein in their overall IT spend must deal with the following issues:

  • Current test automation needs specialized scripting skills
  • Constant changes to ERP or customized internal applications makes regression testing expensive
  • Inability to test end-to-end business scenarios which span multiple applications
  • Need to invest in specialized skills
  • No access to peaks and troughs in resource demand
  • Need for regression testing due to changes in IT systems
  • Manual testing is expensive


SOAIS' consultants combine functional knowledge with deep technical expertise in individual test automation tools to deliver the following benefits:

  • Customers can harness the full potential of their applications
  • Customers no longer need to worry about resources training/adopting new tools
  • Customers have ongoing script maintenance to cover underlying application changes

Our Services

We offer the following Test Automation and Test Maintenance Services through our Shared Services model:

  • Test scenario / script development
  • Automation of test scenarios
  • Automated script maintenance services
  • Test execution
  • Defect Tracking / Reporting