Tricentis Testim

Tricentis Testim Overview

What is Testim?

Testim is a SAAS(Software as service) , AI powered automation tool discovered by Tricentis. It is a cloud based test automation platform which is used to create automation tests for web, mobile, Api validation steps. Testim is a modernized automation tool with AI and a complete automation platform to create, maintain, run the test scenarios as per the requirement.


1.Open url and create your account.

2.Download the testim extension in the web store and add it to your account.

Below is an example for creating automated tests using Testim with the free trial version of Testim. Similarly you may try creating the tests using free trail or if you have the license :

1.Once you login with your credentials you can see the home page.home page

2.Click on the extensions tab as highlighted below:extensions tab

3.Once you click on the extension tab at the top right corner click on the testim editor as shown below.testim editor

4.Once you click on the testim editor the below page opens and click on the create automated test as below.create automated test

5.Once you click on the create automate test the recorder starts recording the test which you want to automate. Please check the below screenshot for your reference.recorder starts recording

6. Now go to the page where recording tab has been enabled and paste the url which you want to automate in the same page and do the necessary actions as per your test case.

It automatically records the actions that you perform. Once you perform the actions, you stop recording by clicking the red circle button.

7.Once you stop the recording the below screen shot appearsstop the recording

8.You can see the three options for each action you performed as below.three options

  • View screenshot
  • Settings
  • Delete

9.Now once you click on the settings , you can see the below options at the right and click on the view locators in case you want to make any changes to the object properties.view locators

10.Once you perform the necessary actions , save the test by clicking on the save  button as highted below:save the test

11.Once you click on the save button you need to fill the test case name and the description as below.fill the test case name

12.Once the test is saved you can see the below button and run it it accordingly

13.You can find the tests you automated under the test lists in the left panel and execute the tests as per the requirement.execute the tests

14.Right click on the test and click on play to run the test case when you to run the test

15.Test case has been automated and executed successfully.

Benefits of Testim

  • Testim is a commercial end-to-end automation testing tool which helps the developers and testers a fast way to automate functional tests
  • Their record-and-playback feature makes it easier for non-technical team members to help create tests.
  • Their AI-based “Smart Locators” make tests stable and helps to improve the efficiency.
  • Testim can easily integrate with the CI/CD , third party , test management tools
  • Self-healing and auto-improving AI-powered locators eliminate test maintenance

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