Uploading BPMN file into Worksoft's Process Intelligence

Uploading BPMN file into Worksoft’s Process Intelligence

What is BPMN?

BPMN stands for Business Process Model and Notation, which is a combination of symbols and rules that help businesses define and understand the business process in the form of graphical flowcharts. In BPMN, the processes are described by means of diagrams or flow charts. Such kind of visual presentation makes the customer understand the logic of the business process easily.

Why BPMN is required in process?

  • It helps the business users and non-technical team to understand the functionality of the business process in an efficient manner.
  • It bridges the communication gaps that often exist among various departments within an organization.
  • It gives clarity of the business process from starting of the point to the ending point, which is required and which is not.
  • The business will create a visual process model that helps the automation team understand the business process.

How to upload the BPMN file into the process intelligence?


The business will create a visual process model that helps the automation team understand the business process.

Each bubble of BPMN represents the named activities for E2E process. The same activities must be used for Business Capture and later in automation.

1. Create BPMN diagram from any open source tool and save it.

Example: Open demo.bpmn.io and create a bpmn diagram and save the bpmn diagram in your local drive.

Please find the screenshot below:  

BPMN diagram

Steps to be followed:

  1. Open the process intelligence with the credentials and select the data management tab and click on BPMN tab as shown below.BPMN tab
  2. Click on upload file and the below screen appears. Fill the details as below and choose the bpmn file which you created and click on the upload button.upload file
  3. Once you upload the BPMN file click on Assign to tab and assign it to a business process or select add new business process like below.Assign to tab
  4. Now you can check the uploaded bpmn process (The highlighted one) under the bpmn tab.uploaded bpmn process
  5. Now, click on the process analysis flow, you can see the uploaded bpmn diagram. Check the below screenshot.uploaded bpmn diagram

We can use this bpmn file for capturing the named activities for the business capture and the certify steps.

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