SAP Automation

SAP Business Process Automation and Test Automation are two critical components of this automation drive, empowering businesses to streamline operations and ensure the reliability of their SAP systems.

With years of experience in testing and business process automation in SAP application, our team has gained deep knowledge and understanding of SAP business processes. This helps our team to deliver high quality business process automation and test automation around SAP systems.


Our Testing and Process Automation Capabilities around SAP


Test Automation for SAP Application

Our Automation engineers are well versed with various SAP end-to-end processes, and this helps in faster script development with high efficiency and accuracy.

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RPA for SAP Application

Our RPA engineers are also well versed with various SAP end-to-end processes thus helping in automating many business processes to increase efficiency and reduce manual effort.

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Why Choose SOAIS?


Domain Expertise

We combine the power of Automation testing tool with our deep Business Process expertise in leading enterprise packaged solutions to deliver high value test automation solutions with least possible risks for our customers.

Cross-skilled Resources

Our team of automation engineers are cross skilled on multiple test automation tools and process automation tools like, Worksoft, Tricentis & UiPath.

Flexible and Responsive

SOAIS team has developed deep expertise in various tools along with certifications to validate their competency level. This results in quality output and best practice incorporation for our customers.

SAP Partnership

We are a service partner of SAP. With SAP automation, SOAIS helps their customers to deliver significant performance improvements in their testing and process automation projects.