20D new features – Assignment level security

20D Quarterly update introduces Assignment level security as Opt-in feature. This is one of the features user community were looking for since long. Till 20C, out-of-the-box behavior supports person-based security access, which means a user having access to a person has access to all assignments and personal information for that person. 20D onwards application will support assignment level security – which restricts a user’s access to a person’s assignment based on the user’s area of access and not enable access to all assignments of the person just because they can access that person.

By enabling assignment-level security and regenerating data grants and security profiles, an organization opts into this feature for all of the HCM Cloud applications like Person employment, Data Security, Payroll etc.

Several quick action search results are now modified in HCM to restrict user access to the assignments that they have access to. Here’s an example, of before and after turning on assignment-level security.

My team

Manager Accessing the My Team Work Area with Person-Based Security Enabled

My Team 2

Manager Accessing the My Team Work Area with Assignment-Level Security Enabled

If you turn on this feature you can actually bring in security to the assignment level. This allows managers and organizations to only see information that is within their area of responsibility.  

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