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Applitools Eyes for Selenium IDE


  • The Selenium IDE platform allows you to easily create and run tests on websites and browser applications. Some of the key features offered by Selenium IDE are:​
  • Monitors your mouse and keyboard use as you exercise different parts of your browser application UI.​
  • Allows you to edit the script, to add assertions as to what to expect in the state or value of screen elements at various points in the flow.​
  • Allows you to playback a script, simulating the mouse and keyboard events, while testing your assertions.​

Visual Testing with SIDE Eyes

  • The diagram below illustrates the process of testing an application or website using Selenium IDE and SIDE Eyes to create and run a visual test. Looking at the diagram, we can identify three top-level steps:​
  • The figure highlights various key features and actions. Some of these are supported by standard SeleniumIDE functionality and others are supported by SIDE Eyes functionality. The rest of this article and its referenced articles focus on the SIDE Eyes features and options.​
  • The sections that follow introduce the key features in each of the steps of the workflow.​Visual Testing

View test progress and Results

As the test runs, Selenium IDE updates the script and log panes to indicate the progress of the test. The SIDE Eyes check commands are marked up to show that the capture/processing has started. When the result is known, they are marked up to indicate if the result of the step was OK or Failed. When the test run completes, by default Selenium IDE opens the Eyes Test Manager loaded with the test results of the test that completed.​Running test

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