Oracle Cloud Receivables

Oracle Receivables provides integrated functionality to perform day-to-day accounts receivable operations. Receivables functionality is managed from these Overview work areas: Billing, Receivables Balances, Revenue Management, and Credit Management.

All work areas provide access to general ledger account activities, including creating accounting, creating manual journal entries, and reviewing journal entries.

How to Create AR Transactions in Oracle Cloud

  • Here we will discuss how we can create AR Transaction in Oracle Cloud Receivables. We will share you the complete steps for that.

Step 1:-

Navigate to the Create Transaction.

Navigator–>Receivables>Billing–>Tasks/ Transactions/ Create Transactions.

Create transaction

Step 2: –

  • In the general information section of the window, select the Transaction Class and the Business Unit for the transaction.
  • In the General Information Section entered the below mandatory Information.
  • Transaction Source, Transaction Type, Transaction Date, Accounting Date and Functional Currency details can be entered.
  • Enter a customer in the Ship To (optional) and Bill To fields on the Customer tab and Location.  The Ship To and Bill To sites will default.

Choose the Payment Terms.

  • The Payment due date will be calculated and appears beside the Payment Terms drop-down menu.
Create transaction invoice

Step 3:-

  • Navigate to the line items section of the window and enter Description or a Memo Line, Quantity and Price. 
invoice lines

Once Save the Transactions, “Actions” button will get on the invoice Screen and Transaction Number.

Step 4:- 

To review/ modify the distributions

  • To review/ modify the distributions, click actions and select edit distributions.

                          Actions/ Edit Distribution

modify the distribution

Step 5:- 

  • Complete transaction Click on Complete and Review as below.
complete transaction

Step 6:- 

  • Create Accounting for the Invoice. This will be active once you will save the Transactions complete information.
post to ledger

These are the steps to create AR Transaction in Oracle Cloud Receivables.

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