Atom Feeds in Oracle HCM Cloud

HCM Atom feeds provide notifications of Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) events and is tightly integrated with REST services. The feed contains details of the REST resource which when consumed retrieves additional information about the resource. These are the following primary Atom feeds:

  • Employee Feeds
  • New Hire
  • Termination
  • Employee Update
  • Assignment creation, update, and end date
  • Work Structures Feeds (Creation, update, and end date)
  • Organizations
  • Jobs
  • Positions
  • Grades
  • Locations

Atom FeedsAtom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub)  software applications can subscribe to these changes in Oracle HCM REST Resources, using atom feeds as it is a quick and least resource-intensive approach.Let’s take a look at how to consume Atom feeds in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC). Figure given below gives a brief idea of synchronization between HCM cloud and third-party applications using OIC as middleware.Atom endpoint should be invoked with “updated-min” parameter using stored values between runs of a scheduled orchestrations. In the orchestration, the last observed date and time of update should be stored before orchestration ends as it helps to avoid updates already processed during previous invocations.Below are some of the use cases if you want to consider using Atom Feeds in Oracle HCM:

  • A travel and expense application that requires basic employee information whenever they undergo a change – i.e., department code, location, termination details, etc.., can subscribe to this feed.  
  • An external payroll vendor that requires any new hire or termination details as and when they occur can make use of the atom feeds. 
  • A third-party insurance provider requires employee hire, termination and grade details to provide insurance related services. They can get relevant and up to date data from atom feeds. 

To know more about how integrating Atom feeds can benefit your business requirements, contact us.

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