Worksoft recently released their much awaited Certify 11 with new set of features that customers requested. One such interesting feature is an option to auto detect XF definition and configuration. Once configured correctly, this feature will automatically select a XF definition and Configuration without having the need to manually select them each time you change the application during Learn/Livetouch/Execution.

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Note: This is a“preview” only feature. The auto detection settings are only for the windows user and doesn’t update the Certify database.

To use this feature, kindly follow the below steps

  1. In Certify main window, navigate to Tools->Configure->WebOptions

In the “Certify Web Interface Options” screen, navigate to the “Preview” tab. Check the below checkboxes to enable the feature and click on “Close” button.

Now, we will have to define rules to help Certify auto detect the XF Definition and Configuration.


2. In Certify main window, navigate to Tools->Configure->WebAuto Detect Rules Editor

In the “WebAuto Detect Rules Editor – Web Interface” screen, click on “New” button to create a rule.

Provide a Rule Name, usually the application name and Click “OK”. In my case, I want to use this feature on a Salesforce application.

You should now see the below screen with your Rule in the left pane. Kindly fill the details as shown below with respect to your application.

Note: You must have an existing XF definition and Configuration built for your application to use this feature.


In my case, I have selected an XF definition and configuration built for Salesforce application. Rules work based on the conditions you provide above. My Salesforce application contains “” as part of its URL on all the pages and the best attribute you could possible use is the URL. Rules also support multiple conditions.

Important note: Make sure to move your rule to top, the last rule is always reserved for the default XF definition and configuration when all the other rules don’t satisfy. Use the below highlighted buttons to position your rules and make sure to create a default rule to make sure Certify picks the default XF definition and configuration when all the rules don’t match.

Once you are done editing the rules, click on “Save” to save the changes.

Your all set! You should now see that Certify will automatically detect XF definition and configuration based on the rules you have set earlier.

Auto Detect during Web Learn

Auto Detect during Live Touch


Credit: Worksoft Community

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