What is Dynamic in SAP?

In SAP we might come across scenarios where sometimes screens and field values are dynamically created at run time. Worksoft Certify has inbuilt feature know as ‘Dynamic Window / Modal’ to handle such instances. We may have Dynamic Windows and Dynamic Objects.


How to identify a dynamic window?

When we do ‘Certify SAP Learn for an SAP Dynamic window, the window name will appear like SAPMSSY0:0120.

For example, In T-Code: SE16 (e.g. VBAP table) result, the table can be viewed in two different forms. One is ‘ALV list (Dynamic window) and other is ‘ALV Grid Display’.

1. ALV list (Dynamic Window):


2. ALV Grid Display (Normal Window):


How to Create‘SAP Dynamic Window’map and Integration to Certify

  • Open Certify SAP learn (Tools>>Certify Interface Learn >>SAP), then learn the SAP screen (Select Menu Learn >> select Window).
  • In Certify SAP Learn Navigate (Tools >> Create Dynamic Window >>Main window). Then save the map file to your drive.
  • In Certify select your application >> Right Click >> Select Import Map>> Browse the map file >>Select The downloaded file from import file section > click on OK.


Common scenario’s where we find Dynamic content’s in SAP

Example 1: 

An‘Account Number’ is dynamic in nature that will change at runtime. The contents of the page change based on previously selected values.


Example 2: Some T-Code (e.g. SE16) , Instance of input field changes according to field Selection.

In this scenario, SAP field selection for ‘Batch’input field position will change (Highlighted in screen Capture). If you learn 1st highlighted object of batch input field and try to input on 2nd highlighted batch input field, it will enter the value in “Material Entered” field. To make it dynamic, we can use dynamic window concept.

Before the object, we must find or set the reference row of that object. Please select the window, object and action as below.

Application Version Window Object Action
SAP Core 1.0 Dynamic Window Dynamic Window Set Reference Row


Now, we have the reference of ‘Batch’ input field, select the correct ‘object type’ to get the relative action.

This scenario can be handled by ‘Dynamic object selection as below, just find the ‘Tab object dynamically and click on that irrespective of position.


How to handle ‘Dynamic Modal Window’:

A modal window is a graphical control element subordinate to an application’s main window. It creates a mode that disables the main window but keeps it visible, with the modal window as a child window in front of it. Some SAP Pop Up behave as a modal window. It’s quite similar as normal window to work with Certify.

User wants to select “Booking Line” under description.

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