The PRIMO Container Editor creates object definitions that can be used by Worksoft interfaces to identify objects on the screen that cannot be recognized any other way. Certify Silverlight interface supports PRIMO Container Editor.

This tool should only be used to define controls that you are unable to learn with Certify Live Touch for Silverlight like images.

PRIMO Controls

Control definitions have two types of controls. Basic and Advanced controls. Basic Controls are those control that PRIMO provides direct functionality to configure and define. Currently, only the Buttons control type is supported. A Button control is defined as any object that is expected to perform an action and acts like a button. Advanced Controls are mostly used by Worksoft integrators.

Accessing PRIMO Container Editor

The PRIMO Container Editor can be accessed through the Certify Tools menu or Certify Silverlight Learn.

To access the PRIMO Container Editor through the Tools menu, select Tools > Configure > PRIMO.

To access the PRIMO Container Editor through Certify Silverlight Learn, open the Learn tool by selecting from the Certify menu,Tools > Certify Interface Learn > Silverlight. From the Certify Silverlight Learn menu, select Tools > PRIMO Library Manager to open the PRIMO Container Editor.

Requirement– Suppose in real time scenario if user wants to verity the existence of image “SOAIS” or any image in a document.


How to create the object by using PRIMO

Step 1

– Configure with PRIMO.

Step 2–  Once PRIMO control is opened then click on (…) three dots highlighted below.

Step 3– Click on capture.

Step 4– Capture the image as an object and name it.

Step 5– Click on Save

How to use PRIMO in Worksoft certify

Step 1-

In application version select “Select using live touch”


Step 2- Hover over the cursor on the object, select it.


Step 3- Click on Save& Close.


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