Compensation Plan Assignment Snapshot

Workday with its new 2020R1 release, has added “Compensation Assignment Plan” business object, which means that previously used “Compensation Plan Assignment Snapshot” business object will be retiring in next 18 months since the new release.

Large number of organizations relied on snapshots to extract the data though snapshot business objects had setbacks like:

  • They are inflexible as any changes made to object or time context that has been applied to the data , cannot be changed without replacing the entire data set with the newer context
  • They are not adaptable
  • They are inaccurate

With these drawbacks and majority of raw data coming from HR systems, it is difficult to deliver accuracy. Due to all these reasons workday might have planned to retiring the Compensation Plan Assignment Snapshot and introduce the new one.

Compensation Plan Assignment Snapshot has been used in many reports now it’s a tedious task to replace the existing fields with new fields of Compensation plan assignment.

Use the Compensation Plan Assignment Migration report to use the new Compensation Plan Assignment business object. This report will show the fields marked for deprecation, and where they are currently being used in the tenant. Include the following business objects in the filter:

  • Compensation Plan Assignment Snapshot
  • Position
  • Adjustment For
  • Job Requisition
  • Position and Job – All Staffing Models
  • Wage Theft Notice Event Interface
  • Employee Compensation Event
  • Worker

Some of the fields that needs to be replaced:

Fields in Compensation plan assignment snapshotAlternate fields to be used from Compensation Plan assignment
Compensation ElementCompensation Element
Compensation PlanCompensation Plan
Annualized AmountAnnualized Amount

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