Custom Objects in Workday

Workday custom object is a feature which allows us to create a custom objects/Fields which can preserve your business specific data not present in the workday delivered object. It can be Effective dated and Non-Effective dated. Custom objects can be created on top of the WD objects like Worker, Position, Location etc.


  1. Easy to implement, implementation is a matter of configuration. No need of any extra coding or complex development.
  2. Easy to maintain the data, You can use EIB inbound or directly change the data in the worker details.
  3. You can meet up your business needs. If you need to store any business required data which is not provided by WD then you can easily use custom object.


  1. 40 custom fields can be added for a custom object. There is a limitation to add custom fields at the worker level.
  2. You have to maintain the data yourself. There is no default EIB provided by WD.
  3. Not possible to add custom object in all WD business objects. There are delivered business objects list in WD.

Steps to create custom objects:

Step1: Access the Create Custom Object task.

Step 2: Custom object can be attached with Two types of worker Objects a. Non-Effective Dated b. Effective Dated

Create custom object

Then provide the Custom Object Name.

Create custom object 1

Step 3: General Settings

Custom Object name

Step 4: Field Definitions

Field definitions

Step 5: Permissions


Step 6: After that click Ok button.


Step 7: click on Done.

Step 8: Go to Additional data of any worker and you can add and edit the given custom object Data(only for Non-Effective dated).

Vehicle type

Ways to load data to Custom objects:

  1. If the custom object is Non-Effective Dated then data can be added and edited directly from worker additional data.
  2. If the custom object is Effective Dated then using EIB inbound data can be uploaded.


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