In our daily work we come across some system data. There could be a situation where we need to compare one system data with another system data. In Worksoft certify we have a file compare option to compare two files. But the feature is feasible, if the file containing data is in sync. What we have data in excel and the data are not in sync?

So, lets understand the situation:

Worksoft Certify gives us the feasibility to automate the excel and that can be achieved using MS Office Excel automation. If there is a situation, we have three sets of data in excel to compare, how we can do that using excel automation.

Let’s take a scenario to understand it better. Suppose we have three systems (Workday, SAP, Salesforce) integrated in an organization. There are some workers available on the Workday system and those workers ID and some of the details are sync with all three systems. Every month we need to extract that worker data and compare whether all three-system data are matching or not.

Please find some of the sample data below:

Workday System Data:

Workday system data

SAP System Data:

Sap system data

Salesforce System Data:

Salesforce system data

The above all three-system data column name and number of columns are not exactly matching.

We need to compare Workday system data with other two system data with reference to employee ID.



Open workday data excel and save the data on .csv format. Import the .csv file into Recordset. Please find the below screenshot for object action and narrative.

workday data excel

Create compare process for workday data with SAP data and attach the Layout. Recordset (workday data imported) on parent level. Based on the workday recordset data compression will start. Take the reference of employee ID and find the row on SAP data sheet and then compare the other details e.g First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Email ID address and National ID. Please find below screenshot for the step.

SAP Data

Store the comparison result into variable and end or process write into recordset. Similarly, we can compare the data with Salesforce data and write the result. Final process we can export the result file.

salesforce data

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