In real-time situations with automation testing, we come across various scenarios where there is a need to add, remove, verify and manipulate data in Microsoft excel and eventually save it. This can easily be achieved with Worksoft Certify, thanks to its developers.In Worksoft Certify, along with its support to automate many applications, we also have “Office” interface to interact with Microsoft Office applications thereby automating it. This amazing feature lets you manipulate Microsoft Excel data that is included in your business process flow.

There can be other scenarios where the test data is kept in Excel spreadsheets by manual testers. When you have a requirement to use the same data sheet used by manual testers for execution with Worksoft Certify, that is when you will have to use Worksoft Certify’s Office Interface to read/write data.

Worksoft Certify supports Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Check out the below video to see the feature in action
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