Worksoft has recently added “SoapUI” Interface to Worksoft Certify. With this addition, you can include SoapUI assets to Certify’s End to End processes. This enables users to test APIs and virtual services from Certify through an integration with SmartBear’s SoapUI.This integration enables team to leverage existing SoapUI tests, eliminating the need to rebuild API tests.

Please watch these two-part videos to understand how SoapUI is integrated with Certify

Play the Video(Part 1)


1) SoapUI Installed in the same machine as Worksoft Certify
2) Worksoft Certify 10 or more (doesn’t work with 9.x.x)
3) Configure “Path” Environment System Variable with the URL of your SoapUI Installation Bin Folder (Very Important)
Ex: C:Program FilesSmartBearSoapUI-5.4.0bin
4) An existing Test Case in SoapUI to integrate it with Worksoft Certify



Article Reference:

Worksoft-SoapUI Integration Part – 1
Worksoft-SoapUI Integration Part – 2


Worksoft Knowledge Base

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