Drop Zones in PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft delivers tools that let you change the system to meet your needs without making it difficult to apply maintenance and adopt new features. Drop Zones is one of them available new features.

What is Drop Zones?

It is a tool by which you can add new fields to a Fluid or Classic Plus pages without impacting the lifecycle management of your PeopleSoft applications. Drop Zones are pre-defined areas on Fluid or Classic pages designed for custom content. You can add fields for additional data capture or display links to internal or external areas or websites.

What you should know about Drop Zones?

  • You can optionally add Drop Zones on Fluid or classic pages for any information you wish to expose to your users.
  • To get most value from Drop Zones, only use those added by PeopleSoft. You developers can add custom content to the drop zone through configuring them with subpage.
  • PeopleSoft adds standard Drop Zones to the top and bottom of Fluid pages. Additional Drop Zones can also be added to the middle of a page. You can request additional Drop Zones for your application through the My Oracle Support community webpage by entering your request on the Ideas page.
  • Drop Zone in classic pages requires PeopleTools 8.58 or above and in PeopleTools 8.57.03 and below there is a limit of three levels, you cannot add Drop Zones deeper than three levels.

Drop Zones- How to

  1. Create a Fluid Subpage with your new fields on it.
    • Use the PSL_SAMPLE_SBP page layout.
  2. Identify the Drop Zone that you want to use.
  3. Preview the page in Fluid to make sure you have the correct Drop Zone.
  4. Open the Configure Drop Zones page to configure the Drop Zone with the custom Subpage.
    • PeopleTools->Portal->Configure Drop Zones
Configure drop zones

5. Select the component where you will add the custom content.

6. Search for and add the Subpage to the identified page.

7. Test the page to ensure that the content and the page work as expected.

Benefits of Drop Zones

Your Organization benefits you when you add Drop Zones on an application page.

  • Drop Zones minimize the ongoing maintenance costs of customized Fluid and classic pages. The compare report considers the changes as configuration rather than customizations.
  • The content you include in the drop zones is in-line with the delivered prompt fields and in content sensitive.
  • Any record or filed included in the drop zone becomes part of the Component buffer.
  • Saving the Fluid or Classic page data also saves drop zones custom content. The content of the Drop Zone fits seamlessly within the delivered content on the Fluid or Classic page.
  • PeopleSoft delivers the drop zones features to most of the available Fluid pages and selected classic plus pages. Drop Zones will be included on future Fluid and classic plus pages.
  • Drop Zones give you more options to have PeopleSoft meet all of your business needs while minimizing the cost of customizations.

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