For all the Technical Consultants working with E-Business Suite creating dependent parameters for a Concurrent Program must be a very commonly used feature ( remember using $FLEX$ in the value set definition of one parameter which would fetch value from another parameter on which this parameter would depend) but the same had been a little different till now in Oracle Fusion Cloud Application as neither we have the flexibility of using $FLEX$ in Fusion BIP Data Model nor do we have flexibility of attaching value sets to Fusion ESS jobs but having said so it doesn’t means we have hit a dead end. There is a workaround available where-in we can achieve the same functionality using the bind variable feature.

If we use the bind variable (the independent parameter) in the SQL query which is attached to the other parameter (say dependent parameter) we can easily achieve the same.

Step to create a dependent parameter-

Step 1, We need to create a Data model with 2 parameters.

Step 2:- We need to create 2 list of values.

Step 3:- We will Create Parameters with the same name as the list of Values.

Person Number parameter details

Assignment number Parameters details

For dependent we have to enable refresh other permission on changes

Output 🡪

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