What is Performance Review?

Performance Reviews are periodic evaluations of employee performance by Managers. As part of the appraisal process, employees often complete self-assessments, which are then evaluated by the manager during the appraisal discussion. The primary purpose of appraisals is to provide constructive feedback. This feedback from the manager plays a vital role in boosting employee engagement.


Problem Statement:

One of our customers recently wanted performance Review data of their Employees from Taleo to be reported and loaded in electronic history folders using IBM Cognos Analytics for the last 7 years as their system supports very limited number of performance reviews to be included in a single report.  But there were challenges from a technical standpoint.

Let’s take a quick look at the Challenge and the approach taken.


The Taleo Report Output was a heavily customized pdf output. The Client’s workforce is classified into different employee types like Leaders, Management, Production workers etc.

The challenge was to report the Performance Review data of the Employees(both interim and final review cycles)with various sections (Technical/Functional Skills, Leadership Skills, Attendance etc)consisting of goals, review ratings and supervisor comments given during the review to appear, according to the employee type and the year of review cycle in the picture-perfect layout shared by the customer.


SOAIS Team analyzed the Taleo Report Output samples of the last 7 years and the different employee types and consolidated the format.

Next challenge was to develop the logic to make the sections appear in the order and format in the output as per the employee type and the year of review cycle selected in the prompt page.

Arranged the data containers (consisting of data items which shows the goals, review ratings and Supervisor Comments) in the tables representing different sections in the Report and made them appear or disappear according to the employee type and the year of review cycle data using joins between query subjects, properties of data containers and logic at the report level.


SOAIS team accomplished the task by creating a single Cognos Analytics Report, a perfect replica of the Taleo Report Output which can be run for any employee type, year of review cycle and for hundreds of employees with an amazing run time performance.

The team even went on to deliver an add-on Summary Page in the Report which shows all the prompt value selections, employee counts entered by the end user at run time and the employee counts appearing in the Report Output Page.

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