Employee wellness programmesAs I was experiencing the adrenaline highs after my run this morning, I knew this is what helps me stay sharp, alert, clear headed and energetic till the end of the day. This helps boost my productivity and give more than 100% of “me” in my personal & professional pursuits. It doesn’t take a lot to get a pair of running shoes, a hand towel, a music player & watch to start baby steps and go the distance it takes to get the runner’s high. Thanks to some wonderful friends who inspired me in this direction six years ago…. that’s a story for another time.

In today’s urban & sedentary lifestyles, taking care of basic health is a necessity and takes some effort to set time aside for fitness. Some fitness apps aid the effort by enabling social communities, customized workout regimes, nutrition maps etc. However, an average urban office-goer spends 10-12 hours of his/her day at office or commuting to work. They end up spending more time in the work context than any other – with this background, it becomes important for organizations to enable their employees take care of themselves. Organizations that want to compete in the marketplace by creating great employee experiences, should have wellness benefit programs high on their agenda. These programs help to promote healthy positive behaviors, nurture employee loyalty & increase workplace productivity. The leaders of today however, need sophisticated, easy-to-use tools to implement these programs. Creating yet another app is a huge mountain to climb – has to be mobile enabled, integrated to the enterprise, enterprise grade security controls, social angle, gamification, AI enabled etc.

I didn’t need to look too far for an Employee Wellness application that touches upon everything mentioned in the last statement. Within Oracle Cloud HCM, Oracle Employee Wellness provides the tools to implement, administer, and manage wellness programs within an enterprise. It is designed to help the employee design a wellness program, set goals to achieve, record & monitor progress, have contests to increase adoption and finally helps the organization management audit program participation & evaluate business impact. Details on Oracle’s Worklife Solutions Cloud are available here to dig deeper.

SOAIS will be delivering a webinar on this topic to help you know more on how to leverage Oracle Cloud applications and specifically the Wellness module within HCM. Register here for the webinar coming up next week.

I’ll be glad to share my fitness or rather happiness mantra if you’d care to connect.

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