Enable Integrated Help on Oracle Cloud

Oracle Fusion Applications delivers integrated help – Help available directly from within the application.  This provides immediate access to help, when a user needs it.

More importantly, help is context-sensitive, meaning it is related to the page/screen that the user is currently on.  Most user interface pages include a small help icon – simply click on it and a help window will open.

The help window includes links to help topics relevant to current action.

help on Oracle cloud

Clicking on the same Help Icon will bring the relevant topic:

create a self service receipt

Once clicked on the Topic link, we will get the topic content

create a self service receipt.2

In the current release20A (, Integrated help is NOT enabled by default.  Hence, it needs to be enabled by application ADMINISTRATOR.

Apart from enabling, ADMINISTRATOR can do below activities as well:

Show Help Icons by Default– Anyone who logs into the application can see the Help Icon

Give Users access to Create and Edit Help – Enabling this for a group of users allows them to:

Add help in any help window, edit and manage the help that anyone added.

Edit existing pages in the Getting Started work area and add new pages.

Enable Global Search for Added Help– Users can search for any added help

Create Groups to Limit Access to Added Help – This will help secure company policies

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