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With increasingly fast paced action happening in the technology and applications space, Oracle continues to invest in maintaining PeopleSoft on the cutting edge. PeopleSoft remains the top contender among world’s most loved ERPs by customers & consulting communities alike. 5000+ customers of Peoplesoft have many avenues to keep pace with the changed and improved product features. SOAIS team compiled the list of all places info / knowledge / training materials in this blog, so that links to all the PeopleSoft resources are available at one place.


  PeopleSoft Information Portal – its everything you need to know about PeopleSoft with sub-links to key concepts, customer stories, news items and module specific info.

2)  PeopleSoft Apps Strategy – the official Oracle Blog to keep track of the product strategy and roadmap.

3)  PeopleSoft (MOSC) – part of “My Oracle Support Community”, enables interaction with other customers, peers and Oracle Product Development. You can suggest feature enhancements which you would like to see in future releases as well.
Oracle Peoplesoft
4)  PeopleSoft Planned Features and Enhancements – provides a high-level view of planned new features and enhancements for the PeopleSoft product line. Helps you plan the new features that you like to take up as part of your Selective Adoption Strategy.

5)  PeopleSoft Cumulative Feature Overview (CFO) Tool – is a popular bible for upgrades. This tool offers a simple way to determine the comparative features available between PeopleSoft releases for any modules.

6)  PeopleSoft Update Image Home – you will find a link to the most current PeopleSoft Update Image, the schedule of upcoming images, and links to related documentation.

7)  PSFTOracle YouTube – a compilation of Oracle PeopleSoft Videos and Webcasts developed and delivered by the Oracle PeopleSoft Development and Strategy Organization.

Oracle Peoplesoft
8)  Transfer of Information (TOI) Recordings – online courses providing release-specific product knowledge that enables your functional and technical teams.

9)  Oracle University – has training courses to start learning the fundamentals and beyond.

10)  Quest Direct portal – is among the largest international community of Oracle users. You can subscribe to Oracle’s official newsletters and online webinars.

11)  PeopleSoft Hosted Online Help – or PeopleBooks as is popularly known among practioners. Get access the most up-to-date online help without having to install and maintain it locally.

12)  PeopleSoft Spotlight Series – Get a deeper understanding of how you can take advantage of Oracle’s PeopleSoft technologies and features in your enterprise.

Could you ask for more? If there’s still something you cannot find or figure out, feel free to contact SOAIS.

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