Modern application development involves heavy usage of automation tools. However Exploratory Testing and Usability Testing are still done manually. Exploratory Testing being an intuitive approach encourages creativity and drills down to the smallest functionality of the Application under test. (AUT). This technique is predominantly being used where requirement documents are not available or partially available, and skilled testing team is time bound to complete testing. Exploratory test results documentation is the key deliverables as this technique doesn’t have defined approach. Test Planning, Test Design, Test Execution are all parallel activities.

Some of the common challenges with exploratory testing –

  • Most of the times replication of failure would be difficult.
  • Reporting of the test results is challenge, as reports doesn’t have planned scripts or test cases to compare with the actual results.
  • Documenting log of all events occurred during execution is difficult.

Most of the challenges that exist in Exploratory Testing can be mitigated by using Worksoft Capture.

  • Worksoft Capture allows exploratory testers to capture actions performed against a SAP GUI, Mobile, and Web applications. Certify Capture collects all actions and converts them into Certify process steps in the same sequence order.
  • Enables the user capture all the exploratory steps i.e. user interactions with AUT. It captures application version name, window and object name. Test step images are captured which show the objects with test data entered.
  • Process Capture enables the tester create an exploratory process or test, provide small description about test objective, scope of exploratory session and time boxing for the session.
  • It allows the user to put as many comment lines as required which improves readability and documentation capability. Comment lines can be used to mention all the validations that are done using validation steps during exploratory testing and to provide other instructions.
  • Exploratory test can be logged as pass or fail and can be saved in XML formats. These tests are automatically converted (‘As-IS’) into Functional Tests.
  • Certify enables organizing the requirements and sub requirements. 
  • An exploratory test can be linked to requirement. Further, processes can be enhanced using Worksoft Certify and be included as part of regression suite.Contribution by Shashibhushan D

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