A common requirement in recruitment process is to export on boarding documents to background verification (BGV) team as a dump, so that the recruiting team can validate the same.

Taleo Enterprise Edition has a complex data model, and when it comes to mass updates/exports, it becomes a problem. Oracle Taleo is powered with a windows-based tool called the Taleo Connect Client (TCC). However, TCC does not provide any option to export/import files and attachments.

A Custom library called TCC CustomSteps is used toexport attachment data into the local system.

We need to follow below steps:

Step 01: Download the TCC Custom Steps library from Oracle HCM Users Group Homepage and extract the library files into your local drive.

Environment Setup

Add below jar files to the TCC installation folder]extensionsexternal jars folder from the extracted folder.

Environment setup

Step 02: Restart the TCC client.

Step 03: Create TCC export file by choosing filename and file contents fields in the Projections tab.


Step 04: Create configuration file by choosing XML as the output type in both the request and response files.


Step 05: Click on Post-processing tab of configuration file and remove the Strip Soap step, and then add XSL transformation step. Next, add the XSL and template file in the XSL transformation step.

The XSL step is used to filter out only the tags required for the extract file step.

Sample XSL file:

XSL file

Sample XML file (Template File):

Record Output

Step 06: Add the TCC custom step in the configuration file. For this, add Custom Step in the Post-Processing tab. Select Add a new custom step and then choose Default custom step as an option.

Step 07: For Java Class, enter“com.taleo.integration.client.customstep.xml.ExtractAttachedFilePostStep”

Add the remaining values as below:

Post processing

Step 08: Save the configuration file and run it. You can also choose the filter tab in the export file to select a single record. When the run completes, the file attached will be exported into the output folder.

Step 09: To use it as scheduled, a batch file can be created.

To know more on such features of Taleo, feel free to contact SOAIS .

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