Fine-tuning HCM extracts in Oracle Cloud HCM

HCM Extracts,as we all know,is a tool used for outbound integration from HCM Cloud applications.In latest update, Oracle introduces a new feature to self-diagnose HCM Extract.

At times,we experience performance issues in HCM extract and in such scenarios, one may want to know the exact reason due to which the process is taking more time to complete and possible ways for improving the performance of the extract.

SR can always be raised with Oracle Support for this but a self-service option i.e. “Extracts Process Diagnostic Report” is alwayshelpful.

 “Extracts Process Diagnostic Report” specifically helps in below areas:

  • Best practice recommendations
  • Missing or incorrect design choices
  • Taking corrective actions,

By following the instructions provided in the output file the processing time can be improved.

Below is a worked-out example:

One would need to login to the application with a user having admin privileges.

Navigate to:Tools->Scheduled Processes->select Extracts Process Diagnostic Report process

Report process

Select an existing Extract instance flow and submit the process as shown in the below screen shot:


Once the process runs successfully, it generates one output file and one log file.

Sample output file:

Archive process

To know more about such new features, feel free to contact SOAIS .

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