Have you heard people talking about Data Science but only have a fuzzy idea of what that means? Are you tired of nodding your way through conversations with co-workers? Let’s change that!

This guide is for anyone who is curious about Data Science.

We’re in Data Era. Every individual or business needs to take right decisions.

Why is an Apple, an apple and not a toy? Because our brain process the information correctly that is gathered by our eyes. But what do you do in case you are asked to stand in front of an apple warehouse and count apples? Not just that – may be you are asked to find out how ripe each apple is, how many are bigger or smaller than the standard size to assist in packaging? Can our brain capture, process and analyze all these in an instant? Impossible right?

Or how do we predict weather? How can we predict the sales of upcoming month?

Human beings are incapable of fetching, processing, recognizing and predicting huge volume of data. In that case, how can businesses, which are run by humans, analyze the data generated and take better decision?

It’s done by Data Science! A buzzword which is revolving around !

Data Science: Data is information in raw, structured or unstructured form. Data Science uses all Machine Learning techniques along with statistics to find insights from extensive data. Machine Learning is a computer program has the ability to learn without being explicitly instructed unlike traditional methods. Isn’t it great that a machine learns everything by itself just like a human? The machine learns and improves itself over time using data available to it.

Decision making is one of the vital necessities of businesses today. Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Data Mining all contribute to the same. Data science can add value to any business that can use their data well. From statistics and insights across workflows to hiring new candidates, and to help senior management take better-informed decisions, data science is valuable to any company across industries.

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