Fluid UI

PeopleSoft as an ERP application has reached to a point where it needs to adapt the flexibility so that people can access PeopleSoft through different devices such as Smartphones and Tabs. With the release of PeopleTools 8.54, Oracle has introduced a new User Interface called “Fluid UI” which is simpler, more intuitive and works across multiple device sizes like laptops, desktops, phones, tablets etc. This interface will show content in a dynamic manner in response to the size of the screen

Dynamic & Adaptable in true sense

Using the flexibility of CSS, HTML 5 and java script, the fluid UI is said to dynamically adapt to the user’s device screen size making the fluid pages device-independent. What this means is – it provides a common user experience on variety of devices irrespective of the screen size. Through this responsive design, browser will resize itself depending on device size, be it Smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The new experiences for a user

  • Home Pages
  • Tiles
  • Global Search
  • Related actions
  • The new fluid Navigation Collection feature using which users can more easily navigate to the information most important to them.


  • Device independent
  • Gives the response based on user device
  • Can be personalized based on needs e.g. Tiles can be added or deleted from homepage based on personal needs

The fundamental feature of the Fluid Model is the Home Page which provides the base for the users to navigate and carry out the respective works. In a way Fluid home pages are similar to the classic PeopleSoft home pages but fluid model provides the end user with the new User experience that renders well on the dashboard or the home pages. Tiles/Grouplets are lifeline of Fluid UI page. Tiles help the user to navigate to a fluid page or classic PIA page.

Fluid UI has a lot of promise in it and there is much to explore if we really wish to experience it in all sense. Even though it’s a relatively a newer territory and we need to explore it, it’s worth the effort. We will be back with further details and will try to showcase its capabilities by creating something within the ‘fluid framework’.

……… Till then Stay tuned!

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