Fusion HCM Extracts

HCM (Human Capital Management) extracts are a feature of HCM software systems used by organizations to extract data related to various aspects of human resources management. These extracts typically include information such as employee data, payroll information, time and attendance records, benefits data, and other relevant HR metrics.

HCM extracts are commonly used for reporting purposes, data analysis, and integration with other systems (such as accounting or ERP systems), compliance requirements, and decision-making processes within an organization. They allow HR departments and management to access and manipulate HR data in a structured format, facilitating better insights and decision-making.

Capabilities of HCM Extracts

HCM Extracts is a flexible tool for generating data files and reports. Some of its capabilities are:

  • It is a data extraction tool provided in Fusion HCM
  • Capable of delivering data onto ftp, email, content server
  • Supports file encryption
  • Integrated with BI to generate data in variety formats
  • Supports changes only mode and roll back of changes only
  • Supports high volume data extraction with multi-threaded processing

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HCM Extracts Concepts

The various components/Phases of a HCM Extracts are:

  • Extract Definitions
  • Data Groups
  • Extract Records
  • Attributes

A brief detail of each of the above-mentioned component follows:

Extract Definition:

An extract definition refers to the complete setup of an extract that consists of extract data groups, criteria, records, attributes, advanced conditions, and output delivery options. An extract definition consists of:

One or more extract data groups, depending on how many logical entities you want to extract.

One or more extract records depending on how many groups of information you want to collect.

One or more attributes depending on how many individual fields of data you want to collect.

Available Output Types of HCM Extract

We use HCM extracts to extract, archive, transform, report, and deliver high volumes of HCM data from the Fusion HCM database.

We can generate the output in the following formats:


CSV   Excel   HTML Text

Data   FO      PDF     XML.

EFT    Flash   RTF

1. Data Group:

  • Extract data groups represent a business area or logical entity, for example person, assignment, or benefits.
  • Should have one Root Data Group
  • Always tied up on user entity (UE)

2. Extract Records:

  • Extract records represent a grouping of related data or a physical collection of all fields required in the extract.
  • For example, the Employee data group can have records such as Basic Details, Pay Details, Location Details, and Primary Contact.

3. Attributes

  • Attributes are the individual fields inside the extract record.

HCM Extracts Definition Design

HCM Extracts Definition Design

Extract Definition:





HCM Extracts: UE

User Entity (Logical Entity) is the name of the query for fetching the required data, for example, departments and employees.

User Entity

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