• June 15, 2018
  • Prashant Shetty
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GDPR and Oracle Cloud Applications

You must be buried under a rock to not know that 25th May 2018 changed the way the world looked at Personal Information. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect on that date. This regulation directly affects all organizations and government agencies worldwide that collect or use personal data tied to EU based individuals. There are tonnes of literature in the World Wide Web on this topic and the intent here is not to educate you on this subject.

SOAIS Commitment

Through this blog, SOAIS reaffirms its commitment to protecting your personal information irrespective of your geographical location. SOAIS collects or uses Personal Information for lawful purposes of communication with prospective customers and make them aware of our service offerings or technology/business trends. The information stored is restricted to name, email id, location and phone number. As has always been the case, all SOAIS email communications continue to have an automated option to opt-out from future campaigns – all email communications are also accompanied by contact information to enable you to exercise your rights to correct, erase, object / restrict to processing or withdraw your personal information anytime and seek a copy of the personal information. We engage with existing SOAIS customers as part of our ongoing business transactions and bound by formal non-disclosure agreements.


We further confirm that SOAIS leverages globally acclaimed Cloud applications, for example from Oracle and other vendors to store and secure employee, customer or stakeholder information. These applications are inherently designed to adhere to compliance requirements needed by different regulatory agencies globally.

Our Oracle Cloud Customers

Right from December 2017, Oracle had begun communication in this matter and had outlined the 10 Steps to GDPR to give a broad perspective. There is also a Whitepaper on how Oracle Cloud can help accelerate your GDPR readiness. Bottomline is being on an Oracle platform (SaaS, PaaS or IaaS) supports a significant part of your compliance framework.

Oracle Cloud Application

This is another compelling reason for CIOs to reassess their IT application landscape and move away from home-grown, disparate, on-premise, non-standard applications. Get away from the headaches of maintaining hardware, software, versions, patching, application maintenance and leverage Cloud Computing technologies. Its today a cliched & well beaten argument anyways.

To know more about SOAIS and how we have dealt with change, contact us.

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