Harness the Power of Workday Extend

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the business to another level of responsiveness. Workday has worked hard to develop a solution that pushes agility and adaptability to the next level, helping the customers and partners extend beyond core Workday applications to meet essential and changing needs.

Workday has introduced Workday Extend as a part of Workday 2020R1 release that enables the developers to build, deploy and share applications that run on Workday and custom made according to the business needs of the enterprise. Remember Workday extend is a separate product and needs a separate license for the usage.

Build new business capabilities, not infrastructure, using Workday Extend. This helps to create apps and extensions to accommodate our unique way of doing business, using the same services that power the HCM, financial, and student applications

Workday extend setup

Workday Extend setup:

After signing the agreement for purchase Workday Extend, we need to assign Named Support Contact (NSC) go to the Customer Center and assign a Developer Support Contact (DSC). The DSC will receive an automated email allowing them to register on the Workday Extend Developer Site and initiate the onboarding process.


Once Workday has accepted your signed Workday Extend agreement, we provide your organization:

  • Access to the Workday Extend Developer Site
  • A Development tenant that is optimized for application development with Workday Extend
  • Workday Extend Support

Your Named Support Contact (NSC) can complete the steps to get started.

Developer Site

The Workday Extend Developer Site is a dedicated site for the developers that includes resources, documentation, your applications, and more. The organization will have its own company on the Developer Site, which is a grouping of all their organization’s users.

The company administrator can perform administrative tasks like managing organization’s Developer Site users, roles, and Development tenants.

Development Tenants

Workday provides the organization with one Development tenant, a new tenant type that is optimized for application development with Workday Extend, which:

  • Can be created and deleted via self-service on the Developer Site by company administrators, up to the company’s purchased limit
  • Can be viewed alongside other tenants in the Workday Customer Center
  • Contain Preview functionality, like other Preview tenants, like Sandbox Preview.

Workday Extend Support

Workday provides up to 3 Developer Support Contacts (DSC) per company, in addition to existing NSCs. In the Workday Extend Developer Site’s Support section, DSCs can:

  • Create and manage support cases specific to Workday Extend
  • Manage additional DSCs, up to the allocated limit

NSCs can continue to manage all cases and contacts for their organization through the Workday Customer Center, while DSCs can only report cases through the Workday Extend Developer Site. Note that Workday Support is only provided in English, for resolution of product defects.

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