Setting Up Workday Assistant

How you ever thought of interacting with workday just like having a conversation with your friend or colleague?

Folks, workday has released a new feature in Workday assistant which is a chat bot. The main highlight of this bot is that it can provide guidance, execute tasks and retrieve data in the form of a natural conversation. This can perform various tasks like apply leave, change job, change location and many more things.


Following are the steps to be followed for setup:

  1. Go to Maintain Functional Areas task and select the Enabled check box for Innovation Services.
  2. Search for Maintain innovation services data selection opt-in task. Go to Available Services tab, which is in the Experience Technologies category and select the Workday Assistant service.
  3. Go to Manage: Innovation Services domain and check if the domain has been enabled, later add the security groups for report/ tasks permission this domain
  4. Now, you can create security groups like WD Assistant Administrators and users to control the access.
  5. Edit a security policy for the domains and add permissions (report/ tasks and integrations) to make the assistant accessible for the user.
    1. Assistant
    1. Bots
    1. Set Up: Tenant Setup – Assistant
    1. Manage Bot and User Conversations.

Also, remember to check if the domain policies have been enabled.

  • Go to Activate Pending Security Policy Changes task to confirm recent security changes that are made.
  • Search for Tenant Setup report, navigate to Workday Assistant tab, so here one can configure the actions that you want to perform using the workday assistant
  • It is advisable to restrict access of Manage Bot and User Conversations to a small subset of administrators.

Bingo, you have enabled Workday Assistant for your workers. Talk to your virtual assistant that makes lives easier with Workday.

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