We are aware about varied Insurance premium prices for different age groups. Assume, an organization wants to extract the list of employees whose parent’s age is above 65 years, for audit purposes.

In Workday, we do not have any delivered fields that can readily provide this information, so there is a need to create a calculated field. First, we create a calculated field, with true or false condition. Here we check if the dependent is of type “parent” and his/her age is greater than or equal to 65.

True False condition

Using this calculated field, we create one more calculated field to extract single instance.

Extract single instance

Since we are using this field as eligibility criteria, we want this field to return a Boolean value, hence we create another calculated field with true or false condition. If count of the dependents above 65 is greater than 1, then return true.

True false condition 2

To incorporate this nested calculated field within the core connector, we use field overrides services, where the calculated field has been added in the define eligibility area.

Configure integration field

When we run the core connector integration, we can see that only two employees was there whose parent was above 65 years of age.


To verify that the output, we ran a report of dependents detail and we found that only two employees had their parent above the age of 65

Dependent detail

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