What is Process Intelligence?

Worksoft Process intelligence helps to improve the value of the process automation, optimization with continuous business process. It delivers automation in highly efficient manner and also helps in cost reduction.

Process intelligence can help an organization to increase their performance and improve their operational efficiency.

What is Certify result exporter?

The Certify Results Exporter is used to export results from Worksoft Certify to Process Intelligence.


1. To upload a Certify Results file into Worksoft Process Intelligence, first you need to install the certify exporter in your machine. Once you install and machine is ready, you need to follow below steps.

2. Create a folder under certify results and place all the certify results which you want to export from certify to Process Intelligence like below screenshot.

Below steps needs to be followed after the pre-requisites are taken care

1. Open the certify result exporter in the browser at https:///CertifyResultsExporter.

2. Log in to the certify results exporter with your credentials and the certify result exporter window opens like below.

3. Click on Run now button under Certify Results API and the Manual export window to export the result window opens as below.

4. Choose Certify Tenant, PI Tenant, Database, Project, Result folder, start date and end date as below and click on export to PI as below screenshot.

5. Now all the results has been exported to the Process Intelligence as below.

How to know whether the uploaded results from Certify are actually uploaded in Process intelligence:

1. Open the Process Intelligence with the user credentials and select the data management tab under the tool bar as below.

2. Now click on the test automation results tab , you will be able to see the uploaded results from certify as below.

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