Fitness Activity Tracking Service in Oracle Wellness

With rising workloads and increased business activities, employee health is taking a backseat. Oracle Wellness gives employee all set of options that set the platform for employee to stay fit & more productive than ever. Building health programs by creating fitness goals & activities motivate employee to participate in various fitness drills.

To give more focus on fitness progress, Wellness provides the dashboard where employee can track & see the overall progress on activities i.e. running, cycling etc. as a matrix view.

But do we really want to put efforts on entering these data manually in HCM inspite of having fitness tracker? Isn’t it discouraging employees from participating in fitness initiatives?

If you are going through of all these questions in your mind, then please sit back & relax. There is an option where you can move daily activity summaries automatically into Employee Wellness.

The data from an employee fitness tracker can be imported into Oracle HCM via a bridge that will regularly fetch the fitness data for an employee and update the same into HCM.

Tracking device

To serve the purpose, a web application must be registered as a Bridge in Oracle Cloud. The bridge contains web address of Enterprise Cloud HCM instance as well as user account who is authorized to use the bridge.

Once it is configured, the bridge uses the REST API to register itself as a data source. When Bridge is created in the HCM, it must be enabled for user to connect his/her tracker.

User can choose what type of fitness data the bridge can access from their My Wellness Page.

Once user confirms the authorization by entering tracking service credentials, bridge will have the permission to access user fitness data from tracker.

Data transfer from Fitness API/Common database can be done on regular scheduled interval or Bridge administrator can set up request to the bridge to access the fitness tracker database when the new data arrives. Data collection can be achieved in Two ways:

Data collections

Once User authorization is done in the fitness tracking service, the bridge sends the following JSON request to database to fetch the data.


The following figure illustrates how bridge is registered in My wellness:


After user authorization in the fitness tracking service is done, the bridge transfers data from the tracking service to the HCM Cloud without any further user interventions.

Recent activities

Data Source: Google Fit Vendor imported into Wellness

It will overall help an organization by improving business productivityas now they are easily able to track their employees’ health and wellness.

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